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Tooth Fillings In Richmond | Resin & Porcelain | Mercury Free

Tooth Fillings in Richmond – Mercury Free Bonded Options

Every cavity is different which is why we offer different tooth fillings material at our Richmond clinic for different situations. Your choice of fillings material are:

  • Composite resins which are a mixture of tooth-coloured plastic
  • GIC which is glass ionomer fluoride releasing long term temporary materials
  • CEREC robotised fillings which are mainly super strength Lithium Disilicate

These types of dental fillings offer Richmond patients various benefits but are similar in that they are attractive, durable, and mercury-free unlike amalgam, but the method used to apply them is quite different.

dental fillings richmond tooth fillings richmond

How Are Composite Tooth Fillings Placed?

Composite or resin fillings are used to repair decayed, broken, chipped or worn teeth and can be applied to the front or back teeth. They’re great for repairing dental fractures but can be used for cosmetic purposes too.

Our Richmond dentists start by numbing the area with a local anaesthetic and removing any decay. The cavity is then cleaned of debris and bacteria. If the filling is deep or near the tooth nerve, a medication or insulation layer is applied. The tooth coloured resin is then applied in layers and a special light is used to ‘cure’ or harden each layer. Once the layering is complete, the dentist trims, shapes and smooths the material ensuring the fit and bite is correct.

Tooth Fillings in Richmond – The Cerec Way with robotised fillings

CEREC gives our dentists more flexibility with the design of tooth fillings. If, for instance, the tooth is too badly broken for a normal filling but not bad enough to warrant a dental crown, we can use CEREC to design special fillings known as onlays and inlays. The difference between the two is that an inlay fills the area between the tooth cusps whereas an onlay is more extensive and covers the cusp of a tooth.

Thanks to its superior software, Richmond patients receive a custom precision-fit filling and the use of CEREC Primescan robotised fillings eliminates the need for the usual messy impressions and the several return visits.

How to Avoid Cavities

The best way to prevent the need for dental fillings in Richmond is to brush and floss at least twice daily and visit TLC for bi-annual check-ups. Diet is a very important factor as well so try to avoid anything sugary or acidic. Even if you’re diligent about dental care, it’s still possible to get a cavity due to wear and tear and the occasional exposure to sugar and acid.

The good news is that because we offer a choice of filling materials, you can be sure of getting the filling that works the best for you.

So, if you need tooth fillings in Richmond or are long overdue a check-up or suspect you may have a cavity we’re here to help. Don’t delay, call TLC Dentists today!

dental fillings richmond tooth fillings richmond