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Dentist Richmond - OUR UNIQUE PHILOSOPHY - TLC Dentists

TLC Philosophy

TLC dentists unique philosophy of treatment

At TLC dentists, with our combined knowledge of over 100 years of experience, and drawing on local and international lecturing, we have evolved a unique philosophy that allows us to provide what we believe to be the most important dental service to our patients.

“We are not just a cosmetic dentist or emergency or family dentist – we need to be more than that…”

We believe that it is a privilege to be allowed to help you to maintain and heal your teeth as it is an essential and psychologically and physically sensitive part of your life and your well being.

Our responsibility is solely to you, our patients—to take care of your dental health for as long as you want us to and to educate you about the techniques to maintain good dental health in your overall health and lifestyle. We will not let your best treatment be influenced by a third party such as governments, big companies and health funds.

Value is paramount as we appreciate the expense involved in excellent dentistry and that each dollar has taken you a lot of hard work and effort to earn.

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Good Value

The simple solutions should be considered first. Prevent. Heal. Rebuild. Maintain. In that order of need.

The patient must be as comfortable as possible before, during and after their treatment in order to build their confidence in TLC style dentistry. This means toothaches must be seen to as soon as possible, with emergency appointments available within 24 hours or 1 working day for regular registered TLC patients. Open hours 8am till Late every day of the year except Sundays and Public Holidays, as we have for the past 20 years.

Expect TLC dentists to be always reliable. From asking questions to treatment procedures to appointment bookings, we are always here for you with our promise and selected TLC warranties.

It doesnt matter if you are a millionaire or in a bad patch, we tailor the treatment to your circumstances and anticipate any changes in the future. Good value is where you receive more than is reasonable, for a fair price. Its win-win and we ensure that this good value is maintained by constantly bulk ordering, updating research affiliations and assessment and prediction by overseas trends.

‘extract from : TLC dENTISTS -new staff induction charter’

There is no other job or career where one can earn a living while we:

1. Use our bare hands to repair and restore an essential body function and enhance a person’s appearance and well-being.
2. Use our minds to calm and reassure anxious patients and explain complicated but important ideas.
3. Use our hearts to care for a patient and to heal problems. There is no such phrase as ‘pretend to care’.
4. Live and work each day knowing that we have helped a small number of people enjoy their life a little bit more.

For this, we should appreciate who we work with (our colleagues) and who we work for (our patients) and our choice to work here.

It is our duty to be as alert as possible in every instance at work, because even though we see thousands of patients every year, every single appointment is special for every single patient.

Care for every patient and tooth as if it were your own, your friends’ or your loved ones’.

Our goal every day is to help more and more people, more and more comfortably and to give them a better perception of and confidence in dentistry, in TLC and in their teeth.

by :

explaining until the patient understands (heal together)
undergoing continual technical and knowledge upgrades (skill)
aiming for maximum longevity in dental restorations (reliability)
appreciating the time and money spent to achieve the level of excellence (fairness of value)
continuing concern, empathy and responsibility for the patient (care)
understandingthe patients needs and fulfilling their needs (satisfaction)