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General Check-Up and Clean Richmond | TLC Dentists

General Check-up and Clean in Richmond – Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Your smile is one of your most important assets. It’s one of the first things that people notice when you meet them. It can improve your own mood and uplift those around you, so keeping your smile healthy is very important. Chewing ability and function also relies on the health and strength of your teeth and is the first point of entry of nutrition into your body. The best way to maintain good teeth is to combine a good oral health routine along with a regular general check-up and clean. Richmond-based TLC Dentists suggest giving your teeth a ‘comprehensive 284 check point examination’ every 6 months.

dental cleaning richmond general check-up and clean richmond

General Check-up & Clean in Richmond – What Can You Expect?

If it’s your first check-up and clean then Welcome! Here at TLC dentists in Richmond NSW, we’ll start by listening to your oral health concerns and then assessing and discussing any problems and solutions. This way, we can recommend specific and personalised dental treatments that are best suited to you!

The first step of the dental check-up in Richmond consists of a thorough 284-point check of the teeth and associated structures. Our services include things like:

  • Checking your gums for any swelling or shrinkage
  • Examining your teeth for signs of decay, trauma or wear and tear from biting
  • Evaluating your risk of developing gingivitis or periodontitis (advanced gum disease) which can lead to the often painless loosening and eventual loss of your tooth
  • Checking any dental appliances like dentures, braces and bridges for comfort and function
  • And checking adjacent structures such as the sinuses or jaw joints for signs of disease

In most cases, we’ll also take an X-ray and use 3-D video magnification to assess your overall oral health. This enables us to show you exactly what’s going on in your mouth and to thoroughly discuss any treatment and options.

What happens next?

The second step of the check-up and clean process here in Richmond NSW is dental cleaning. No check-up and clean is complete without a scale, clean and polish. We use special sound wave instruments with a gentle touch to remove any unwanted build-up of plaque and tartar. This then also allows us to check the surfaces that were previously covered up. Your teeth are then polished with a fluoride or calcium filled paste so that they feel squeaky clean and look super shiny. Dental cleaning at our Richmond clinic is guaranteed to put the sparkle back into your smile.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to visit your dentist in Richmond NSW is always worthwhile.. Even when you think your teeth are gums are fine, you could still have oral health problems and not even realise it. Over several check-ups, even hard to spot problems become more obvious as we are able to compare your previous dental examinations to your most recent one.

Benefits of a Dental Check-up in Richmond

Our team of experienced dentists will spot any oral health problems early so that they can be dealt with quickly before they end up being big problems.

By attending a regular check-up and clean in Richmond NSW you’re taking care of your oral health and ultimately, one of your best assets – your smile!

If you’re overdue your general check-up and clean in Richmond, why not get in touch with TLC Dentists. We believe it’s our privilege to help care for your smile and to help you maintain your oral health both now and into the future.

dental cleaning richmond general check-up and clean richmond