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 Dental treatments

At TLC dENTISTS, we provide all facets of emergency, general and cosmetic dental treatment.

We have ensured that each TLC dentist is able to perform any dental treatment but also has an individual focus on specialised techniques.

The TLC Photo Gallery has more real life images of the treatments listed below, and also make sure you have a look at the
Incredible Straightening with Braces video gallery.  For TLC current patients, further information on treatments is available on the TLC current patients portal along with a new simplified Treatment Dictionary.

 TLC dentists Richmond Waverton dental onlay Cerec


A thorough- 284 point -complete dental check up of all teeth, gums, soft tissues, jaws and related areas.  This provides an overall plan of urgency based needs all the way to long term predictions for maintaining good dental health.

Gum and Teeth Cleans

Gum disease is painless and is the least glamourous aspect of dentistry but as the foundation supporting the teeth, we believe that it is a very important part of dental health.  Teeth may stain over time due to food or medications or wear and tear, and need a refreshing clean to bring them back to the previous brightness.


Enamel bonded adhesive resin and porcelain fillings are durable and aesthetic tooth coloured restorations which repair previous decay or fractures.  The adhesive technique used at TLC dentists has been proven over many years and iterations to be one of the strongest bonds between a filling and the tooth structure in the history of dentistry.

TLC dentists Richmond Waverton dental amalgam composite resin

Crowns and Bridges

Long lasting, solid alloy cores.  The 35 year longevity crown is within reach.  The average lifespan of a crown is about 10-15 years.  TLC crowns aim for 20-35 years by altering the crown structure and reinforcing the base tooth foundation.  A more recent development is the upcoming computer designed and robotic milled crown and capping.  It is the latest TLC technique used to reconstruct badly broken down and essential teeth and is predicted to become the industry standard within 10 years.


 TLC dentists Richmond Waverton dental implant fracture

Orthodontic Braces

Teeth straightening and alignment are important for the appearance of your smile, but is even more important for efficient biting function and jaw support.  The growth of the jaw during puberty and the functioning of the teeth are very important factors.  We are able to use Jaw Growth Guidance techniques to expand the jaws to increase space for crowded and crooked teeth to straighten.  At TLC, we have different types of braces to suit different patients, and see many adults and children for moderate level orthodontic treatments.  Make sure you have a look at the TLC photo gallery and the Incredible Straightening with Braces video gallery.

 TLC dentists Richmond Waverton dental braces invisalign

Invisalign Tooth Straightening

Easy to wear, easy to clean, the almost Invisible braces suitable for mild cases of teeth straightening.


Dental Implants

Since 1996, at TLC dentists, we have been placing implants as the strongest replacements for missing teeth, with biocompatible bone ingrowth.  We use 3 different brands of implant to ensure that we are able to provide the most suitable implant for each individual case.

 TLC dentists Richmond Waverton dental cerec cad-cam implant crown


Beautiful porcelain coverings for masking and recolouring the very dark or misshapen teeth to rejuvenate a smile.


Wisdom Teeth

We can remove troublesome wisdom teeth in the dental chair or have a visiting surgeon who can organise a day stay anaesthetic to put you to sleep while the procedure is performed.

Root Canals


Sore, badly broken down and infected teeth which used to be destined for extraction, can now be saved using the latest magnification and root canal sterilisation and sealants.  Modern root canal treatments are surprisingly painless and set the foundation for a badly broken down tooth to be successfully rebuilt with crowns or capping.


Grinding/ Clenching

TMD -Jaw joint dysfunction, can lead to excessive and premature wearing down and cracking of teeth as well as headaches and other muscular problems.  At TLC dentists, we analyse and diagnose the cause of the problem and are able to provide treatments to stop or minimise any ongoing damage.


Safe and effective home kits or 2hr in-clinic High Power whitening will whiten most dark teeth whilst maintaining a natural looking appearance.  Easy to follow, individually specific instructions are provided to reach the best possible result.  Resulting teeth will always be whiter than the original teeth colour, but the level of whitening will be dependent on the type of initial staining and the type of tooth structure.

 darker smile TLC dentists Richmond

brighter smile TLC dentists Richmond

Tooth Removals

We use low pressure tooth extraction techniques at TLC. It is no longer about removing teeth purely by force. This minimises the pain during and after the extraction and promotes quicker and better healing.


Snore guards

During sleep, the lower jaw can fall back due to gravity, causing a narrowing of the breathing space.  This can leasd to snoring.  The snoring appliances can maintain the forward position of the lower jaw to allow easier breathing during sleep.

Mouth guards

Different strengths of customised dental mouthguards can be made for junior sports advancing to the ultimate professional combat mouthguards.

 Adult Orthodontics

Adult teeth alignment usually includes several different methods including braces, cosmetics and aligners to create a new bite or new smile as quickly, efficiently and unobtrusively as possible.  More than half of the orthodontic patients at TLC are adult patients.



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