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Our History

TLC dENTISTS practice history

History of TLC dENTISTS Richmond

The mountains beckoned.  Richmond and the Hawkesbury was an area where the people knew how to work hard and enjoy life, without the problems of city traffic, pollution and house prices.  

Many of the people here appeared reliable, friendly and open. It was the perfect place to start a dental practice which would be reliable, friendly and open -Mondays to Saturdays. 

This was an area where we could look after the patients and see their kids grow up and see their kids' kids, old generation with the new generation, the true family practice that we always wanted to create.


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History of Dr Eugene Lee

A young boy had a recurring dream.  He dreamt that he was surrounded by a giant transparent bubble, extending about 2 metres either side of him.  

And as he walked down the street or interacted with fellow pedestrians, their mood would suddenly become happier.  They would smile more, and their day would become better, just for having been touched by this bubble.


This boy had terrible teeth as a youngster.  The lack of education about tooth decay and communicationdifficulties meant that his migrant parents weren't aware of what they should be doing to take care of the young boy’s teeth.  

He ended up coming home from primary school one day, with a swollen jaw and severe pain. He pretended to be tired and went to bed so as not to have to worry his parents who were always working hard.  His mother noticed his shaking head and immediately sought emergency dental and medical attention.

  The dental specialist that the young boy saw had a  calming and comforting demeanor andwas brilliant in his clinical skills, even when performing difficult treatments.  

The specialist always maintained a sense of
humour and light-heartedness around all his patients.  This put the young boy and his parents at ease, even though they knew about the seriousness of the dental situation.

 The young boy and his parents appreciated the skills of the dentist immensely and his quality of life improved.  Unknown to the young boy, his ambition for life had been set.  Eugene was going to be a dentist.  

He was going to be a dentist who would educate, communicate,  calm and comfort, be clinically brilliant, make people happier, and occasionally would try to do all this with a sense of humour.


History of Waverton Village Dental Surgery

The village of Waverton on Sydney’s train line was always an enticing location.  Past the bustle of North Sydney, there was a comfortable, almost casual atmosphere.  

This was the perfect place for Jackie to set up her dream boutique practice.  She had always wanted a general practice, but one that would allow her to get to know her patients so well that there would be generations of family and friends coming to the practice.

She had never wanted a big practice, so she created a practice where she knows everyone who comes in, and is small enough for personalized care and attention.  

In addition to this, from the experience with TLC dentists Richmond practice, she knew that she could provide great dental treatment at a fair value to her patients, again with an attitude that conserved natural teeth but allowing her attention to detail to be used whenever it is needed.

 waverton glow waverton village dental surgery 

TLC dENTISTS Richmond -  Quick Trivia 

Began in 1997 as a 1 room clinic next to Medical Centre toilets

80% of patients have referred a friend or relative to TLC
37% of patients are nurses or teachers

48 patients listed their occupation as Engineer in the year 2016

New patients seen every year at TLC dentists: over 1000

185 patients are either doctors, doctors spouses or in the medical industry

238 patients are in the dental industry

Minutes that instruments are heat sterilised before each patient : 40min

Year compression dental implants were introduced in to Australia- 1996
Year Dr Lee began placing compression dental implants- 1999


Year Dr Lee started TLC dentists Richmond 1997
Year Dr Lee got married 1998
Year Dr Lee had a kid 1999
Year Dr Lee's hair started going grey 2000



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