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Photo Gallery


TLC Dental Treatment Gallery 

Before and After photos

Gap Wide -before

cosmetic gap closure -before

Gap Closed -after

cosmetic gap closure - after

Dark mottled teeth -before

Dark teeth CR veneer-after

Gap and Uneven Teeth-before

Gap Closed in 2 hours

Dark teeth -before

Dark teeth CR veneers-after

Dark stain -before

Dark stain CR veneer -after

Crooked protruding -before

Crooked protruding -after

Narrow jaw big teeth -before

Narrow jaw big teeth-after

Deep bite -before

Deep bite-after

Crooked smile

Crooked smile straightened

Narrow jaw- before

Narrow jaw - after

Inverted smile before 1

Inverted smile before 2

Inverted smile -after 1

Inverted smile - after 2



Adhesive Composite

Adhesive Composite

Implant Missing Side Teeth

Implant Missing Side Teeth

Implant Replaced Side Teeth

Implant Replaced Side Teeth

arch narrow

V shaped narrow upper jaw with crowded and crooked teeth

arch widened

widened jaw shape aligned all teeth

chip worn

chip worn fixed

tilt back

front teeth severe backwards tilt

tilt forward

front teeth tilted forwards

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