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At TLC dentists, we respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your personal information. This policy describes how we collect, protect, and use your personal information, and it details how we meet our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.What is Personal Information?
Personal information is any information or opinion, whether true or not and whether recorded in a material form or not, that can identify or reasonably identify an individual.

Providing Personal Information
We understand that anonymity is an important element of privacy. However, in most cases, we need to know your identity and relevant medical history to enable us to provide the most appropriate and most effective dental and health services to you.

 If you wish to deal with us without identifying yourself or by using a pseudonym then please contact our Privacy Officer or Practice manager. If it is practicable, we will endeavour to keep your information anonymous or associate a pseudonym with the information.

How We Collect Personal Information
We collect personal information, and any necessary sensitive personal information, directly from you or your authorised representative, carer or guardian,and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.  At the time we initially collect your personal information and sensitive personal information, we will let you know how we intend to use the information. We only collect information that is reasonably necessary for or directly related to our practice’s functions and purposes.

Personal Information

Personal information that we might collect from you as our patient include your:


date of birth;

contact details;

Medicare card number details; and

private health fund membership details.

If you’ve applied for a role with our practice, we collect details you have disclosed in your resume such as your name, contact details, skills, job history, and academic history. If you are a supplier or contractor to the practice, we collect details including your name, contact details, ABN, bank account number, and GST status.

 Sensitive information

Sensitive information that we might collect from you as our patient include your medical history, your ethnicity, and any other health or lifestyle information that may be relevant to us providing health services to you.

 We will only collect sensitive information from another source with your consent (or in accordance with prescribed exceptions such as if we are required to do so by law or a court order). In some instances, we may collect sensitive or personal information about your health and treatment from external parties such as from other health care professionals including other dentists, specialists or general medical practitioners.

If we happen to receive your personal information from an external party or a publicly available source we will take reasonable steps to let you know how we intend to use the information.

 How We Use Your Personal Information

We will use your personal information within TLC dentists in strictest confidence. We will only use your personal information for our practice’s primary functions and purposes which include:

providing top quality dental and health services to you;

reminding you of or confirming details of your visits to our practice;

providing you with updates and marketing informationabout our practice’s services;

processing payments;

enabling regulatory compliance, reporting and legal obligations; and/or

assessing your suitability as a prospective employee, contractor or service provider.

 Disclosure to Other Parties

We may provide external parties with restricted access to your personal information in certain circumstances, such as to contractors or service providers who assist us in the operation of our business (for example, data management, off-site storage or marketing contractors). TLC dentists limits the personal information disclosed to these external parties to what is required for them to perform their services for us. These parties must meet the Privacy Act’s requirements and we impose strict conditions governing how they use and store the personal information.

 We may disclose your health information to another health service provider for the purpose of providing you with health care. We may also provide access to your personal information to government agencies involved with official administration, monitoring, registration and verification activities such as the Department of Human Services (Medicare Australia) and Health Departments.

 We’d only use your personal information for other purposes with your consent, or if the use is directly related to the primary function and purpose for which the information was first collected and you’d reasonably expect that particular use, or if such use is required or authorised by law.

 If you’ve applied for a role with our practice, you can reasonably expect that we’d disclose your personal information to any referees you’ve included in your application if we decide to contact them.

 How We Will Not Use Personal Information

TLC dentists will not otherwise sell, release or disclose your personal information to any other external party unless required by law, or it’s necessary to investigate any unlawful or malicious action, or to otherwise protect our business.

 Direct Marketing

TLC dentists may provide you with marketing information about services offered at our practice. You can ask to stop receiving information from us by stating “unsubscribe” and reply to TLC dentists emails or by contacting our practice staff or our Privacy Officer.

 We will never disclose your personal information to an external party for their use in marketing to you and we don’t obtain personal information from external parties for the purposes of marketing.

 Storage of Personal Information

TLC dentists endeavours to keep your personal information confidential and, using physical and electronic measures, protected from inappropriate and/or unauthorised access, modification, interference, loss, misuse, or disclosure. For example, by utilising firewalls, secure databases, computer user identifiers and passwords, and storing non-electronic information in secure drawers and cabinets accessible only by authorised staffor in secure offsite storage facilities.

 Personal information that is no longer required will be destroyed in a secure manner or deleted or de-identified as appropriate.

 Applying for Employment with TLC dentists

Applicants applying for roles with TLC dentists provide personal information as part of their application. If the application is unsuccessful, we will retain the information in case another opportunity becomes available. Unsuccessful applicants can request that we not retain their information.

 Website Access

A cookie is a small data file that some websites place on your computer’s memory when you visit the site to record information about your usage of the website.

TLC dentists uses cookies only in relation to specific web pages established for clients to allow them limited access to information on our site. These cookies are used only during a browsing session and expire when the visitor closes his or her browser.

 If our web hosting company makes a record of visits to our website for statistical purposes, the information will not be used to identify users or their browsing activity. We may use the statistics to determine what information on our website is used most often or least often so that we can make our site more useful.

 Cross-Border Disclosure

TLC dentists does not generally transfer personal information to foreign countries. If it becomes necessary for us to disclose your information internationally, for example by using off-site electronic data storage providers TLC dentists will only do so if we are satisfied that the recipient of the personal information is bound by obligations to protect information in a way that, overall, is at least substantially similar to the way in which the Privacy Actprotects the information and there are mechanisms available to you to enforce that protection.

 Access to Personal Information

We endeavour to keep personal information up to date, complete and accurate. A request for a copy of (or to update) your personal information can be made by writing to TLC dentists’ Privacy Officer (you will need to provide evidence to verify your identity). Reasonable requests carry no charge.

 There are some circumstances under the Privacy Act where TLC dentists is exempted from providing information (for example, where laws, courts or tribunal orders require or authorise us to deny access, or where giving access would be unlawful). If this occurs, we will provide you with reasons why your request cannot be complied with and let you know what mechanisms are available to you to complain about the refusal.

 We will acknowledge your request within 14 days of receiving contact and we’ll provide a copy of your personal information, update your information, or advise reasons why we cannot provide the information, within 21 days.

 Application of This Policy

This policy applies to TLC dentists

Personal information of all TLC dentists employees remains exempt from the provisions of the Privacy Act.

 Future Updates to This Policy

TLC dentists may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and updated versions of this policy will be posted on the TLC dentists website.

 Contacting Us

If you feel that TLC dentists has failed to follow this Privacy Policy, or if you have queries or comments in relation to this policy, please write to our Privacy Officer and we’ll respond promptly to you:


Privacy Officer

Practice Manager

Suite 3

58 March St

Richmond 2753 NSW


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